Sunday, October 26, 2014


Iron and Resin throws a helluva good party. This year they threw a far more populated Hooligan Hoedown. Little more cold too, I really need to get some new solo camping gear. Never the less, I  loaded up my ghetto ass tent and headed to Los Padres National forest first thing Saturday morning with my neighbor Greg.

So many rad bikes and rad dogs this year. 

See if you can figure out what's happening here. Spring Break!

This is what it looked like before 100 tents surrounded us and kept me awake all night. Woke up at 4:30 am to a barfing drunk dude and then again at 6am to a drunk guy talking about how funny it was when his buddy was puking. I must be getting old. 

Great getting to see some good folks again, like this hippy.

And Mr. Scott

And these two.

Here's a dog that rides more motorcycles than I do. Don't believe me? Check em out... MOUTHFULLOFJOY

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Little crowded in there to see the bands. 

Thankfully they played for hours at their camp site. So good. 

My ride home today was a wet, cold, epic descent from the mountains. Felt pretty good up there in the clouds. 


Looking to Death Valley in March 2015.  Hopefully there'll be a lot more moto adventures between now and then. 


On a side note, not sure who all reads these blogs, other than my family and friends in far away cities. I have been slow to posting here these days and I think it has a lot to do the ease of Instagram. It's true. I've become a lazy blogger. I'll try and formulate more adventures on there, but in the meantime stop by and say hello.  Thnx!

Monday, September 1, 2014

I Put a Ring On It

If you happened to read down to the bottom of my last lengthy post, you may have read the news that I  now have a fiancé that has replaced my girlfriend. 

Full story to come, but in the meantime just know that my dogs helped me and I made it happen in the same spot that originally I talked her into moving to the great golden state. More to come on that back story. 

June 2012

August 2014

Confused why she has a surprise trip to San Diego. 

Romance photo with a kid in the background yelling "MOM WE NEED ANOTHER POOP BAG!"

wrong "your," but sure was nice of the restaurant to give us this stuff.

If I Had Blogged Summer of 2014

Time just continues moving too quickly ever since we began living in California. This summer came and went without warning. My life journal has been put on the back burner.  I haven't logged a single event this summer. So, here's my "If I would have blogged" post to fill in some of the blanks...

If I had blogged this summer, I probably would have talked about fireworks.

If I had blogged this summer, I probably would have talked about getting a Saint Louis friend a job here and taking him on his first SoCal nature trip. 

I would have talked about how the whole state is running out of fresh water and that scenes like this are getting harder and harder to find. 

If I had blogged this summer, I would have noted that we spent a lot more time sat the beach this year. 

met a lot of sea creatures in tide pools.

we started a cult

 If I had blogged this summer, I would written about meeting up with Shawn for the first time in 11 years and riding motorcycles 350 miles through 4 different climates. 



 If I had blogged this summer, I would blogged about the old school legendary skaters that shredded the cyc wall after Day 19's World Cup party. 

 If I had blogged this summer, I would talked about our trip to the F'N Catalina Wine Mixer for Jeremy's 40th birthday and to speak in class today.

sweated my vacation shirt from vacation dancing so hard and had to take a vacation shirt shower. 

miniature everything.

While Monica and Claire were dominating Karaoke, I realized that Catalina Island is the Lake of the Ozarks of the West Coast. So many middle age Margaritaville guys that are carrying wale bones and smoking weed. Margaritaville man spring break. 

 If I had blogged this summer, I shown off the friends I made in Azusa Canyon.

 If I had blogged this summer, I would shown images of our heads in the clouds. 

and the sun on our backs. 

 If I had blogged this summer, I would written about last week when I surprised Monica by asking her to marry me in the same place that I talked her into moving to California. Yeah, that happened. More to come. 

She said yes.

 And finally, if I had blogged this summer, I have documented our first trip back to STL together, to celebrate our engagement, our friend's wedding, my grandmothers 80th bday, and my little brothers 21st bday. Of course this is if I had decided to blog. 

It's been a rad summer. Cheers to 2014.